Dental Assistant Training


Dental Assistant Training

Kairos Career College Dental Assistant School is a one-stop center to receive the best in dental assistant training. Our instructors are professionals in the dentistry field. They create a career environment for our students, giving them one-on-one attention and sharing real-world experience in the field. Through these partnerships, our students can receive clinical training in our flexible program and externship experience as part of their training.

You can benefit from the knowledge of the professionals working with us, as they help students gain value as future dental assistants in a dental office. Once you have learned all the skills and knowledge you need to be successful, you will receive on-site job placement services. This is the last step to make your transition into your new career complete!

A dental assistant can start at an entry level position at a dental office, but this can grow into an opportunity for stable employment or as a foundation for more educational opportunities. Many health professionals start their careers as assistants, but with time and dedication, you can move into a role with more responsibility. Beginning this journey starts with making sure you understand the investments of your time, money, and effort in order to reap all of the benefits of a new career.

Finding affordable training for a new career can be challenging for many households. In today’s market in the California area, it is important to consider how big your return on your investment will be. Investing in your education and career will give you the greatest returns in the form of higher pay and job security.

We provide a program that has many financial aid options. Our financial aid coordinators can assist you in creating the right package for your budget. They can help you apply for scholarships, grants, or look into financing options.

The choice is yours! Speak with one of our customer service representatives to help you get started with dental assistant training in Califoriana.

Make the initial call and invest in your future with us at Kairos Career College Dental Assistant School.
Get a Head Start with Hands-On Training!
Institute of Professional Careers offers a Dental Assistant program, through externships and relevant clinical training.