Kairos Career College


Orthodontic Assistant Program for Dental Assistant

Dental Board Approval #OA117


Prerequisites: The proof of 6 months work experience as a Dental Assistant; Hepatitis B immunization records OR HBV Refusal form; TB Test Result (old or new); CPR certification.
This state board-approved Orthodontic Assisting Program provides students with the essential knowledge, skills and practical experience to successfully acquire a position as an orthodontic assistant. Students will learn to describe the types of malocclusion, discuss corrective orthodontics, describe the types of treatment involved, and become familiar with the types of diagnostic records used to assess orthodontic problems. In addition, the training program will also cover the ways to convey the importance of dietary and oral hygiene habits in orthodontics.

This program will train students to:

  • Perform measurements for the purposes of orthodontic treatment;
    • Placing and Removing orthodontic separators;
    • Size, fit, and cement orthodontic bands;
    • Remove orthodontic bands and remove excess cement from supragingival surfaces of teeth with a hand instrument;
    • Remove excess cement with an ultrasonic scaler from supragingival surfaces of teeth undergoing orthodontic treatment practice.
    • Prepare teeth for bonding, select, preposition, and cure orthodontic brackets after the licensed dentist has approved their position;
    • Place and ligate archwires;
    • Place and Remove ligature ties;
    • Remove only orthodontic brackets and attachments with removal of the bonding material by the licensed dentist;
    • After adjustment by the dentist, examine and seat removable orthodontic appliances and deliver care instructions to the patient.

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OA Dental Board Written Examination InformationEffective January 1, 2010, All graduates of the Orthodontic assisting permit course will be required to take a state dental board-administered examination where the students must pass with a grade of 75% or above in order to receive their orthodontic assistant permit.

Course Content:
84-hour Orthodontic Assisting Permit course is a board approved course, which will satisfy the state board requirements. The course consists of three aspects:

  • Didactic: Students will learn the theoretical aspects relating to the orthodontic assisting.
  •  Laboratory: Students will learn the step-by-step procedures of Orthodontic Assisting through laboratory experience in their dental office.
  • Clinical: Students will be required to practice on a live patients in their dental office with direct supervision of a licensed dentist or orthodontist (minimum of two (2) clinical patients), or student could bring their patient to class and practice under the supervision of our licensed dentist.